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Without end We will make poems / Lecy Pereira Sousa

Lecy Pereira Sousa

Without end we will make poems

Part 1


In concrete manner
Based on the cement mortar
Intended to diamonds
Melted in noble steel
Defended by titanium
We will make poems we will make poems
We will make poems by lack of option
Rigid tensed intumesced
All strained lascivious
At nightfall & at sunrise
Hard-hearted all
Monosyllabic atonic astonished
Virile with the buttocks up to the sky
Saints of the false and full of money
Intelligent so much
Catheterized and with sublingual stimulant
Zapping a colour TV foolishly
In Times New Roman
In bold italic underline
Justified centralized at left at right
Dumbfounded by the last fashion
Eating a portable cell phone with vegetables
Eating a Angelina Jolie photo
Eating a Super Boy photo
Eating an ox a cow a chicken
Eating an ostrich a mare a buck
Eating a tuiuiú and a monkey brain a la Chinese
We will make poems in a VIP club
In a sauna GLS in a club for women
In a club for real men
In a group of extremely serious people
Hysterical historical histrionical
In a group of mocking people
Emiting the mantra OM among eso and exoterics
Seemed full of sorrow by any silliness
We will make poems driving news cars with GPS
Also carts bicycles wheelbarrows
Logarithmical cloned eugenical
Genetically modified mutant scleroused
Miserable unhealthy maniacal-depressive
Poor of goods and in spirit
Making 69 a 38 a ménage a trois
Full of shame of pudency and lust
Intended to Allen Ginsberg of the capoeira
We will make poems as magnolias swans dragonflies
Wild and savage daisies camellias dahlias
Such spiritous and fresh orchids
Languid gelatinous foldable in equal parts
Pulverized as lavender spray on the air
Delirious feverish spiritually embodied
White of snow red by high pressure
Rudimentary homofobic leaden soldiers
Utopical at long distance sceptics like a mule
Full of vices of language
Nihilistic stoics furious socratics
Too much saints to dwell the paradisiacal hall
Too much demoniacal for do not envy satan
Too much dark to a stage in the purgatory
Amazing Dante Alighieri and les poètes maudits
We will make poems in an infra-surreptitious and
hidden dimension
Puritans profaned academic marginal
Ingenuous maculated strayed virginal
For our noses our navels our thumbs
Macho men cibernetic hearing tecno in MP3
Doing up and download of soft-porn muses
Lighting virtual candles for dead people whom
we never saw
We will make poems gentle as feather and sequins
We will make poems until they tear this poem
What they spit what vomit what piss what defecate
What they forget although we will not forget
We will follow decasyllabic solecismatic
Preciosists as never before extravagant echoing
Torrential so boring annoying
Parabolic hyperbolical gradual
Euphemismatics apostrophics antithesistics
Ironic personified reticent rectified
We will jump with parachute from time to time
We will carry out the orders of the ritual of the usual
We will be canonical for outlandish
We will say hardware and software with rapadura and flour
We will make poems glowing in microwave oven
Hydraulic ceramic thermoelectric
Like if we were the only ones to manufacture neologisms
In AM/FM/WM CD ROM with programs in flash and asp
In the limit of the loathing we feel for ourselves
Technological inconsistent innocent saboteurs
Made chatterboxes since seems so easy making poems
Like river waterfall rapids so intense
Oh, how intense we are but we still don't came
Though we arrive we will not be satisfied
We will make poems we will make poems
We will make poems doing glub-glub and fuc-fuc
Up to we call mushy the author of this boring text
Démodé repetitive drowsy antischolastic
We will make poems looking at a whole body mirror
We will be naked and looking for between the legs
We will make poems with someone tickling with a feather
our feet
Saying amen and jumping in the valley of the dreams
Riding wild winds and throwing popcorn to a lion of 7 heads
And hearing Chopin Mozart Tchaikovski
Followed by a technorockforró
Looking at a full moon with an empty belly
We will make poems bionic autumnal walking over dry leaves
Personas of a Expressionist painting
Hibernal hibernated white polar bears
Enjoying the Summer as the hot genitalia of the carnival
godmother of bateria
Hallucinated energized by a pie of açaí
We will make poems in Yiddish Coptic Sanskritic Mandarin
In Javascript Word Linux Brahmanic Aramaic
We will make poems saying je t'aime mon amour
Doing rally on two wheels in the desert
Through extraordinary waterfalls
Through improbable sceneries
Before the fury of the world
Before that kiss of love sent to the battleground
To we cheer up the night of our dead people
For when we are dead they'll call us nostalgic poets
We will make poems hybrid tucked up systematic
Full of discomposure cynics through all life
Tyrants Prepotent Satanic sarcastic
Gothic punks by piercing pierced
Barbarously tattooed stopped in the traffic signal
We will make poems observing to stone jungle from
the high Corcovado
Crossing hours in the confused Internet connections
Analysing explicit photos from the Hubble telescope
Gaining one licked in the mouth of the dog
Lining hypothetical descriptions on a leaf A4
On the edge of the road in that excursion of our time
Blind men groping for in the clearness seeing all in the darkness
We will make poems to the exhaustion and to the rest
Lucid like an oak with a age of 4000 years
Seeing the History being cracked in two parts
we will make poems we will make poems
we will make poems we will make poems
we will make poems we will make poems we will make poems

translation by Leonardo de Magalhaens

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